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Onyx Webb: The Series Book 2 - Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz


Sent to me by the authors in exchange for an honest review

Book Info: Horror, Paperback, 226pp

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Rating: 5/5

Audience: Those who enjoy many different shades of horror mixed with addictive and diverse episodic story lines.

Summed up in a few words: Awesome. Chaotic. Haunted.


The Onyx Webb series is a collection of storylines spanning a whole century, these stories are all connected by both nightmarish tales/events and Onyx Webb herself. There are unexplainable events, ghost stories, violence, connections with the dead, gangsters, death, hauntings and revenge. Episodes 4/5/6 are just as jam packed with addictive storylines as the first book and I am so glad I returned to this series. What I really enjoy about this series is that everything is on display, the authors have included their writing habits, their audience, poetry, and thought processes to create an experience that makes you want to keep reading. Lets talk a little more about what the book is about.

Onyx is a woman who is haunted by bad people and bad decisions, she does not know it but as she travels across America with her husband Ulrich there are many people plotting her demise, including Ulrich. She has reason to mistrust her husband but she never imagined he would get involved with the mob.

There are some nasty things happening within the walls of the Our Lady of the Open Arms Orphanage and both young Declan Mulverney and Sister Katherine have had enough. They both need to do something about these horrific events for more people get hurt or worse.

Rich and famous Koda is still obsessing over the girl in the mirror, his friends and family are trying to get him to snap out of it but Koda needs to find out who she is and what she wants. His best friend Dane comes from a background of communication with the dead, can he help his friend find out the truth about his obsession?

A bartender in a hotel has seen a piano playing all by itself and not even the harshest of cynics in the paranormal world seem to be able to disprove its existence. Every story in this book fits nicely together and adds to the effect this book has on readers. The episodes in the book are short and sweet, each character gets several pages at a time and this helps keep things both fresh and interesting. 

Readers never can never miss a beat, not once did I find myself lost or confused, having such awesome storylines kept me me invested and made each section memorable. This is an episodic style book and the authors constantly remind you and hint about the bigger picture and I am excited to see where they are going with the whole series. I spent half my time guessing each characters involvement and how they are connected or related to people 50 years down the line. The series exists to share effective and readable horror fiction in many shapes and forms, from eerie, mild and borderline horror to graphic violence, ghosts and terror.

The pacing in the book is rather fast, with each section being a few pages at a time. I love the fact that it is both brief and detailed, always leaving the reader wondering. The order of events is all over the place but that is sort of the point, having many different time periods and variations of characters may sound confusing but RF & AW have spent a lot of time putting each section in its place for maximum enjoyment. There seems to be a frustrating lack of control across all the storylines, with ghastly and unexplainable scenarios leaking into everyone's lives and part of the attraction for me here is trying to figure out the mystery and solve the problems. If you love horror fiction then you will love this, there are many different styles used within these pages and I say it quite a lot with books like this but there really is something for everyone.

Every character has their own problems and being a episodic series, none of the stories have been resolved yet which for me is frustrating as I love knowing what is going to happen so I am certainly going to check out Book 3 to carry on with the chaos surrounding this amazing bunch of characters. I don't have any poignant issues with this series, I am really impressed actually as I can usually find issues with everything. Honestly, Onyx Webb is a unique, troubled and fascinating character. Young Declan and Katherine are inspiring characters who just want the evil people gone and to protect those who need it. Koda is a rich boy being pulled back into reality by those around him, being haunted causes him to lose more control than ever and maybe it is only the dead that can help him.

The format is spot on, I read this book in a few hours which is perfect for me. The authors style really sits well with me, quick and impactful, but with a whole world being unveiled by each characters actions and choices. Awesome and great fun. Overall I would recommend everyone to invest time in this series, it has already got great attention on Goodreads and it is well deserved. The content is great, it has a satisfying and unique style and it is an outstanding contribution to the horror genre.

About The Authors: With a #1 Amazon Sales bestseller to their credit, Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz have had a burning desire to write a paranormal ghost series with a wide range of characters, both dead and alive. Then, one day in the fall of 2012, while walking around Lake Eola, in the heart of downtown Orlando, the right idea struck. More information on their work can be found at their website (excerpt from official bio).

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