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Author Interview - Theresa Pocock

RELEASED 01.12.16

Author Bio: Theresa Pocock has a love affair with history, and obtained a degree in that field from BYU-Idaho. The idea to write books didn't just dawn on her one day, it has been a boiling passion within her for years that needed to come out. As a mother of 3, she has tirelessly dedicated herself to writing for the last 10 years, stealing precious hours at her computer during nap-times and in between piano lessons and gymnastics, and many, many late nights when the house is quiet. She has completed drafts of over 6 novels during that time, and continually works on perfecting those stories, until they are ready for the world to see. After 16 moves in the last 13 years, she is currently settled in Sequim, WA with her family.

Good Evening! 

Welcome to another Always Trust In Books author interview!!

Today we have an author who uses her writing talent to combine popular historical figures/events with powerful and exciting fantasy twists. Theresa Pocock has a new book coming out December 2016 and she was kind enough to answer a few questions about Elizabeth Tudor: Ancestry of Sorcery, her writing habits and her influences. It was a really great Q&A opportunity and I am a huge fan of both historical fiction and the fantasy genre so I was eager to share Theresa's work with everyone. 

Thank you to Theresa Pocock for answering my questions which you can see below! Enjoy!! 

Can you tell me a bit about your latest release?
Well, as a history major, when you learn about the sixteenth century you can’t help but learn of Henry VIII and all his wives and his shenanigans. I of course was fascinated with the subject but something my teacher said in passing one day sparked the idea for this book; what if Henry’s claims that Anne Boleyn entranced him really were true? The idea stuck and when I began writing it was just a natural topic for me to explore.
In ELIZABETH TUDOR: Ancestry of Sorcery, Anne and Elizabeth come from a long line of sorceresses, but Anne makes certain that her daughter, the potential queen of England, will be the most powerful one yet.
I am very excited about this story. I feel that it is a strong retelling made more interesting with the sparkle of magic and the tragedy of star crossed love.
What attracted you to the genres that your work occupies?
I wrote this book eight years ago, and when I pitched it I got some nibbles but the world just wasn’t mixing genres like history and fantasy yet. So it was a ‘no’ because, where could the put it on the shelf? Isn’t that always the question! However, there was no other way to classify this story, so I set it on MY shelf, because I always have room for a good book there, and moved on to writing a totally different story.
It wasn’t until a dear friend suggested I dust it off that I decided to pitch it to Big World Network, my publisher.
What are your influences when writing?

I can’t really say. I love so many authors, I feel like I’m a melting pot.  

Could you describe a typical writing day?
There is no such thing. I have three little kids and a wonderful husband who bless his heart has not taken this ‘hobby’ of my seriously until this year. I literally am that lady who sneaks away in the middle of the night to type at my computer. When writing Elizabeth, I forced my two toddlers to take a nap at the same time so that every day I could have an hour or three of strict writing time. It’s nap times and after bed. That’s what it’s been for ten years.
Which authors do you look up to?
Oh my gosh, so so many. I will severely limit my list here; Colleen Houck, Jim Butcher, Orson S. Card, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Faith Hunter, Dan Wells, Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull, Patricia Briggs, Kasie West, Kevin Hearne, Patrick Rothfuss. I could go on and on and seriously on. (I actually have a list on my blog if you want that list.)
Is there a particular book you have read this year that you want to share with my readers?
I am flipping out about an epic fantasy series that Brandon Sanderson is working on. It’s called THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE. Oh my gosh it is the most complete, amazingly written world/magic building I have EVER read. It will forever be on my favourites list. (Well he is only two books in, so I reserve the right to retract this glowing review if he somehow sucks it up in the remaining 13 instalments.)
How does it feel to be a published author?
I feel like I kind of have a glow about me. Like, can people tell when they look at me that someone has stamped my daydreams as worthy of immortalization? I really wonder that. I guess that gives you a little too much info into my psyche right. Oops!
What is next for you in the world of writing?
So much, I hope. I am super excited about ELIZABETH TUDOR being released in January on Kindle, and print on demand with everyone else. We are also doing an Audible version soon after the January release. I’ve gotten some amazing feedback and I really feel like this is a story people can connect with, at least I know my mom and dad really connected with it. (Ha, ha, ha all you fellow authors can laugh, I give you permission.) No really, the word coming in from my readers is really positive so that makes me feel awesome.
Also, Big World Network will also be starting book 2 of Ancestry of Sorcery; FILLOS in January-ish so everyone who is crazy about how I end the book will not have to wait too long for the resolution. Big World does things a bit different, they release their books for free on the net in serial fashion. Like a TV show. Once a week you get a new chapter. Then after the series is complete they put it all together for people to buy. It’s a pretty forward thinking system, I feel.
A few little tid-bits in the 'What's Next?' category: I am a wattpad-er (not sure if that’s a thing.) It started out as just a way to get my friends to read, but I enjoy it. I like the community there. Anyhow, I am posting one of my favourite stories, BLOOD OF THE GODS there. It’s a paranormal romance about the Persian gods and goddess. I am also hoping to hear some good news from a pretty top notch agent on a different story called GUARDIANS OF THE GARDEN. It’s a fantasy set in the Garden of Eden. You can check out a little of both of these on my website or at
Another great Q&A and plenty more of that to come in the next few weeks. Please show your support for Theresa Pocock in the comments and check out Elizabeth Tudor: Ancestry of Sorcery, you won't be disappointed! Thank you to all the readers who check out the interview!

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