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The Physics Of The Dead - Luke Smitherd

Book Details

Book Title: The Physical Of The Dead

Author: Luke Smitherd

: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2011

Source: Library

Page Count: 259

Format: Paperback

Genre: Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781522908531

Audience: Those interested in the afterlife and the dynamics of it.

Buy? Read? Avoid?: Read

Summed up in one word: Optimistic

First Impression: Another book on the afterlife so soon? Well it was an indie author who is getting a lot of praise at the moment so I thought I would give it a go. The Physics Of The Dead maps out the possibilities for an alternative afterlife beyond the ones we already assume to be there. This book has elements of science, suffering and severe britishness. A nice little read that will open your mind...

Summary Of The Book:

Welcome to the not so conventional afterlife. In The Physics Of The Dead we visit The Foyer, another realm cast over the one where the living exist. Here the deceased roam around unable to communicate with the living or the other undead. Then we meet Hart who has spent the last 60 years in Foyer and desperately wants out! If it is possible to even get out. 

He needs help and armed with theories of the physics of the afterlife he occupies, he manages to overcome the communication issues that all the undead seem to suffer from with a new arrival Bowler. Hart overcomes this problem with a theory that energies and frequencies rule the dead and the space they live in. Having an ally in Bowler, Hart can start looking for ways to get out of eternal spiritual prison. The foyer may not be a typical version hell that we come to expect, but it is far from heaven.

Follow Hart and Bowler on their mission to stretch the boundaries of the afterlife and free themselves from the Foyer, The Beast and the other mute dead who have accepted their place in an eternal resting place. The adventures inside The Foyer are abundant! Ride the train. Avoid The Beast. Investigate the living people who glow blue. Find out why the dead are dying all over again....

Hart has the theories, Bowler has the will and fortitude, they must work together to help themselves and their fellow undead, because there is nothing like real life.

My Review:

I know what your thinking... Another book about the afterlife/ hell. I am pleased to announce that this piece is refreshingly original (for myself any way). TPOTD has a lot of layers and I thought that was what made this book better than the average novel on what happens after death. 

The story follows Hart, a 60 something man who after 60-70 years locked in The Foyers walls, wants out. Hart is the soul of this book and he does a great job. Hart is sad, persistent, angry and smart, good blend of characteristics. Bowler is the other half of this piece and his is the more diverse story in this book. Where Hart is fully established and knows the lay of the land, Bowler knows nothing and this book is pretty much a telling of his arrival and stay within the afterlife. There is a lot of emotion between the characters in this book and this adds depth to their story and the overall tone of the book. The Beast and The Train are included to add some mystery and a sense of fear, they are brutal characters that tear the characters and the readers to shreds.

The Foyer as a setting is pretty genius, I thought it was well tailored and had a lot to offer as an afterlife setting. The Foyer does generate a lot of questions but not so much about the quality but of the dynamics. What I am trying to say is that it is a challenging setting that keeps the reader guessing and doesn't give too much away. The England setting does not add much to the story, it could really be set anywhere but the little british touches are interesting and amusing. The span of time is hit and miss, spreading it out works just fine but it is only like that to facilitate the back and forth between tenses. The tenses are a decent delivery style and help build up the story in layers.

The themes in this piece are also copious. I will only focus on the main set though. First there is Death and the Afterlife. The author spent most of the novel on this theme alone and he did a great job using it as the basis for this story. The author was trying to establish a different mindset on the afterlife for the reader and did well at it. Other themes include hope and science. These themes are very relevant to this story but LS is subtle when he uses them. Themes like madness, entrapment and fear run through and keep the reader on their toes.

My favourite element of this book is that it doesn't take itself to seriously, the author isn't trying to convince the reader about anything, he is just having a bit of fun with a big subject. My least favourite part to this book is the fact that in my personal opinion the emotional responses and events don't really match up. This means that fights between characters and their overall reactions don't really make sense sometimes. Tears of over small bickering doesn't quite make sense to me, but that may just be me. If you read this book please let me know what you think.

Overall this is a piece about the next realm, the physics part comes in drips and drabs, the characters suffer but are determined for freedom and we get a unique view into an alternative afterlife...a very british alternative version of the afterlife. I wouldn't say buy this book but definitely check out the author and his material as he is one to watch!


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