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Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance - Angela Duckworth

Book Details

Book Title: 
Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance

Author: Angela Duckworth

: Vermilion

Source: Library

Page Count: 333

Format: Hardback

Genre: Psychology - Non Fiction

Audience: Those who want to increase their motivation

Summed up in one word: Invigorating 

First Impression: Reading books on improving your life can be hit and miss. I find you have to read quite a few and take the pieces that apply to you and try them out bit by bit. Grit was written more to explain the depth and extent of people's capabilities in life than to out right show you where you need to be improving. Grit was powerful, it sheds light on all aspects of motivation and leaves you nowhere to hide.

Summary Of The Book:

Angela Duckworth grew up with an intellectual and hard to please father, this led her to contemplate and then base her professional life around what makes people successful. Angela came up with the theory of Grit, an amalgamation of passion, endurance, determination, resilience, hard work, perseverance, direction and interest. Is innate talent the main requirement for success? Angela does not believe so. Studying people all her life she has found that those who earn it instead of having it handed to them on a plate are people who truly succeed.

Grit is a journey through success, we meet a whole cast of successful people who lend their lives and their stories to settle the argument between talent vs effort. We tend to believe the people who are at the top of their fields got there with the help of their unending talent, Angela sets out to prove that it is usually those who spend every waking moment honing their craft. It takes two doses of effort to achieve, one to use talent to earn skill, and one to turn skill into achievement. 

Inside Grit you will get a chance to see you own Grittiness level and where you have room for improvement, talent may come to others easier than yourself but succession is an equal opportunity. Come and learn how life is yours for the taking, motivation is the best chance for a better life but it needs to be learnt, nurtured and respected. Angela wants everyone to know their potential and Grit was written so you can find out. 

My Review:

Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance was written to show people how talent is not the only factor in success and that effort makes the most impact and Angela Duckworth does a great job conveying this point. AD has worked long and hard to bring us this book and it definitely shows. I have to be honest and say that seeing so many successful people in one place was a bit of a grind but that is mostly my problem for being such a lazy bones....

Grit is a well thought out, neat bundle of great information to help readers realise that they may have plenty of Grit locked away or at least show that with work Grit can be attained in the future. Angela is both professional and personal within these pages, using her life to show the journey gave birth to the idea of Grit and how she has seen it in action all through her professional career. With real life stories (including the founder of Amazon) and application of Grit we see how lives have been dramatically change through realisation that talent only goes so far and that real skill is earned through copious effort and dedication. 

The writing is easy going, I as a lay person did not find myself confused or bemused. The theory of Grit is an undeniable one, you can see it everywhere when you know what your looking for. Using historical and current figures/events Angela drives home her points and leaves the reader wanting more from their now infinitely bigger possibilities in life. Unfortunately motivation needs upkeep so I do recommend searching for other books to fuel your fire as well. I enjoyed AD's comparison of searching for a career and searching for a partner, Angela Duckworth says 'there are good bits, bad bits, difficulty, exhilaration and after a while you can get comfortable'.

Overall this is a must read, especially if you have found yourself at a loss with motivation and career picking capabilities. Grit is informative, inspirational and fun. everyone can learn to be better and with Grit the sky is the limit.


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