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The Street Lawyer - John Grisham

Book Details

Book Title: The Street Lawyer
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Arrow Books 1998
Source: Home Collection
Page Count: 358
Format: Fiction
Genre: Law Thriller
Spoilers In Review: YES!
First Impression of the Book: I had already read several John Grisham books when I approached this book so I thought I seen it all so to speak. This book caught me off guard, an emotional upbeat piece of fiction based on real problems cities face every day.

The Street Lawyer highlights a part of the world that a lot of us don't really acknowledge day to day and hopefully it has inspired people to do more.

I am currently reading Jack Glass by Adam Roberts and the review will be coming soon, so I pulled this from the archive to help keep honing my reviewing abilities :D

Summary of the Book (Spoilers :D!) 

I was blown away by this book, it really acknowledges the issues faced by the homeless and the dedicated volunteers, clinics and legal staff that do their best to keep everything ticking over and doing their best to protect those less fortunate.

The story begins with a hostage situation. A homeless man with a bomb takes a group of highly paid lawyers from a big law firm hostage with no clear agenda, among these hostages is Michael Brock, the main character in this story. The situation unfortunately ends with the death of 'Mister' and this whole event forces Michael to analyse his life and his job. Michael eventually comes to realise he does not accept the way his firm works and leaves to pursue a legal career helping the homeless.

He meets a hard working lawyer called Mordecai Green (great name!) who works with people on the street with a few other lawyers. Michael gets a job with Mordecai and starts immediately working with the homeless, helping at the shelters, taking on cases for those who can't afford to pay lawyers and he also takes a deeper look into 'Mister's life and the reasons why he would take a room full of lawyers hostage.

Over the course of the rest of the novel Michael unravels an ugly scheme that involves his old law firm and he tries to find ways to make them pay. JG writes this novel with a lot of heart and the characters are truly vivid examples of real people who exist out there every day and need help, compassion and understanding.

I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears over this story and I almost read this in one sitting because there are so many well written characters charging around making the world a better place and I found it hard to pull away till I got some closure on 'Mister' and his story.

Please go and read this book, it will broaden your mind to take into consideration those less fortunate and highlight that we can all make a difference.


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