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Hey There! Thank you for coming to this page to learn a bit more about me (Stuart) and what it is that I am doing with this blog (Always Trust In Books)

I created this blog for two reasons. My own crazy passion for books and for other reader’s crazy passion for books. I grew up addicted to books, I have always loved the idea of knowledge and art, two things everyone can get from books. I only discovered the blogging community this year really, a late bloomer at 26. Everyone I meet here has one thing in common and that is an unbreakable love for books.

After only 9 months of having a blog I feel almost part of the community, it is a tough place sometimes, you have to give a lot in order to get anything back, but once people start seeing you as one of their own then the rewards are endless. If you are looking for experience in blogging then look elsewhere (I am still very much a Novice Book Blogger…). I am constantly learning, refining and changing my blogging style so it may take me a few more years to feel satisfied with my work…

I discovered a love for books in primary school when the much loved Harry Potter books had just started being released. Since then I have pretty much read as much as possible, I have to break for eating (well sort of...), sleeping (I cannot read in my sleep) :(, Work etc. 

My love for books is only matched by my love for (in order of most importance):

1.My wife Georgina and my 2 year old whirlwind Freddie.

2. Book Shopping!

2+. Talking with other book lovers!

2++. Video Games...(I know I was meant to grow out of them but...whoops)

3. Baked Goods/Mexican Food

4. Scrubs, Black Books and I.T Crowd

5. Heavy Metal

6. Some forms of exercise...

7. Learning other languages


Though I read a wide variety of books, it is mainly science-fiction, historical -fiction and non-fiction that provides me with wordy sustenance. I always wanted to learn as much as I can about everything, and these genres definitely help me achieve this. If I ever want to escape this planet, I usually reach for the fantasy books. Or if I want to pretend I am more adventurous or smart, I will gather up the Action/Thriller/Mystery novels.

There are many reasons why I started this blog. I LOVE to talk books :D but unfortunately the people I spend my time with are more interested in other avenues of fun and/or culture. Luckily for me, I have you and everyone else who populates the world of books. So I decided to starting talking at people about books until they caved and started listening :D yay me!

Always Trust In Books is a name I came up with after a lot of thought and consideration, I felt it summed up how I feel about books in general, they are one of the main consistencies in my life. I can always count on books to inspire me, entertain me and make me smile. Yes people say to me that not all books are great, but I believe that all books are something special to someone and that to me is the essence of my blog.

I am in no way a professional...I am a guy who loves books, talking about books to people who might listen. I do take my reviewing incredibly seriously though and I am lucky enough to have publishers like Gollancz and Titan Books who regularly send me awesome books to share here on ATIB. My main goal here is to have a website that any reader can come to, have a good time and leave with some great books in mind.

After all, it is you and other readers that make the world of books spin, you are the main influence in this exciting world and I need your help to keep getting the word out about stupendous, top notch and fantastic material that people need to read!

Thank you for taking the time to read this little piece. I always have time for readers, authors and publishers. You are always welcome to talk to me here, even if it is just to chat away about your favourite books.

See you around :D


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