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Thunderbird - Chuck Wendig

Sent to me by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: 01/03/17

Publisher: Saga Press

ISBN: 978-1481448714

Format: E-book, 400pp

Genre: A whole spectrum, thriller, horror, action, mysticism and much more.

Rating: 5/5

Summed up in a few words
Search for freedom from her curse.

First Impressions
I am a huge fan of the Miriam Black series, so reading the fourth instalment was a huge privilege. Thank you to Julie at Saga Press for my e-book ARC of Thunderbird. If you are unaware of the Miriam Black series and have come across this review by chance then please go and check out the first trilogy. Chuck Wendig is a vivid, intense and talented writer who constantly ups his game with each book. I am glad to see another trilogy based around Miriam; she is one hell of a main character. To see some of the other excellent books Saga Press are releasing in 2017 click > here.

Book Synopsis
In the fourth installment of the Miriam Black series, Miriam heads to the southwest in search of another psychic who may be able to help her understand her curse, but instead finds a cult of domestic terrorists and the worst vision of death she’s had yet. 

Miriam is becoming addicted to seeing her death visions, but she is also trying out something new: Hope. She is in search of another psychic who can help her with her curse, but instead finds a group of domestic terrorists in her deadliest vision to date. (Official Saga Press Synopsis)

The Review - Miriam Black is back! On the path to rid herself of a curse, Miriam discovers that her power has more to offer than she thought.

Miriam Black is attempting to be healthy. Running, cutting out cigarettes and participating in a relationship. That all goes to hell when, while out on a run, she encounters a woman with a young boy fleeing an unseen threat. Upon touching the woman, she has a vision of both of their deaths. Using her new (and badass) powers Miriam manages to narrowly avoid death. The woman and the boy escape with Miriam's car and she is left alone in the desert. Just another day in the life of a cursed soul.

Miriam is desperate to hold onto her sanity. Her power and/or curse is driving her insane. Louis is getting married. She is becoming addicted to seeing people's deaths, it makes her feeling both meaningful and powerful. The search for Mary Stitch, a woman who can supposedly rid her of the death visions, is never-ending and past events are forever hanging over her. But we all know that Miriam Black won't take this sitting down, she has given up so much to get to this point, and the fight is not over yet.

Thunderbird follows several key plots all flowing alongside each other. Miriam's quest to rid herself of her power. Protecting a young boy (who has a powerful and unknown curse) from a group of hunters. Discovering the extent of Miriam's power. Fighting Ethan and his band of people with powers of their own. I really enjoyed each and every story-line that CW included. I constantly found myself wanting to know ahead of time what happens. The intensity and tooth-and-nail action is electrifying. Each hit that Miriam takes to her body and soul just fuels the readers anticipation of a hellfire revenge plot.

Chuck Wendig has written such a brilliant series and I am so glad it is being made into a TV show. Miriam Black is pure genius, she is cocksure, badass, ridiculously funny and broken to the core. I think that everyone can relate to her in someway because she has seen it all and is still going on strong. CW style mixes intriguing plot design, graphic imagery and relentless humour to carry the reader through to the conclusion of Thunderbird, which as always is both satisfying and keeps me wanting more.

I love the fact that Chuck Wendig is so tuned into to this series, even though it seems he always has 100 things going on at once. Crafting new dynamics, conflicts, brilliant characters, foreshadowing, jumping timelines and creating perfect psychopath villains. If you have never picked up a MB book then please start from the beginning as jumping in at this stage probably won't be as enjoyable. Thunderbird is for readers who enjoy thrilling fiction that mixes humour with fantasy/magic and graphic violence.

I only have one complaint about Thunderbird, and this centres around the repetitive or lengthy sections of pain and/or discomfort that Miriam suffers. I know that it is required to build up the atmosphere and prepare the reader for Miriam's comeback, but at times it was grating and I was desperate for the story to move on from it. That said, if you can cope with prolonged periods of anguish, Thunderbird (or the entire series in fact) is worth your time and money.

Miriam Black is all about the ferocity of nature. Knowing the unknowable, which is something we all wish we could do. I have given Thunderbird 5/5 stars because CW is so dedicated to his craft. The plot is filled with great story-lines. The characters are memorable. The overall world that Miriam occupies is always expanding and I certainly look forward to the next two instalments.

Pick up a copy of Thunderbird here: Saga Press/Amazon UK/Goodreads

About the Author: Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter and game designer. He's the author of many published novels, including but not limited to: Blackbirds, The Blue Blazes, and the YA Heartland series. He is co-writer of the short film Pandemic and the Emmy-nominated digital narrative Collapsus. Wendig has contributed over two million words to the game industry. He is also well known for his profane-yet-practical advice to writers, which he dispenses at his blog,, and through several popular e-books, including The Kick-Ass Writer, published by Writers Digest. He currently lives in the forests of Pennsyltucky with wife, tiny human, and red dog. (Offical Simon & Schuster Bio)(Picture Copright: Michelle Wendig)

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