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Relics - Tim Lebbon ~ Extract ~

Welcome to another exciting Always Trust In Books extract post.

Today's post is part of a Titan Books blog tour for Tim Lebbon's Relics which was released on 21/03/17. 

You can purchase a copy by clicking >Here< or add it to your Goodreads list >Here<.

I have read and reviewed Relics and I thought it was a brilliant piece of horror/fantasy fiction. The idea that some of the world's oldest and most feared mythological beings may still be among us is a chilling vision. I have high hopes for the whole trilogy and I can't wait to see where Tim Lebbon is going to take the series.

I am posting an extract piece today as part of this blog tour. I think this is a perfectly chosen piece as it gives us insight into the important relationship between Angela and Vince. It also highlights the distance between them and the horrific outside influences that hide in the shadows. Thank you to Titan and Tim Lebbon for including me on this blog tour. First I will share the synopsis with you. Then the extract. And finally so information in Tim Lebbon himself. I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment to tell me what you thought of the post. 

For plenty more brilliant blog posts on Relics, see the blog tour poster at the bottom of the page.

Book Synopsis
Beneath the surface of our world, mythological creatures and their artifacts still exist—corrupt people pay fortunes for a sliver of dragon bone, a basilisk's scale, or an angel's wing. Angela Gough is an American criminology student in London whose fiancĂ© Vince disappears, and her investigation leads her into a black market specializing in arcane relics. She meets Mary Rock, a criminal of mythic status who also wants to find Vince... to kill him. Angela and a growing team of adventurers must stop this horrific trade, yet they face a growing menace as the hunted creatures begin to fight back. (Official Titan Books Synopsis)

~ Relics Extract ~
Vince asks her to marry him.

It’s as she always imagined it, and although she used to regard herself as a modern woman, their relationship casual and beautiful and not needing anything to validate it or to make it more secure, a wedding has always been something she imagined in her future. She’s tried to analyze why this is, and still isn’t sure. Perhaps it’s a scrap of traditionalism left over from her upbringing, but then her parents never pushed her toward marriage, employment, or two-point-four children.

Her father always told her to follow her dreams, and her mom said happiness is more about what you feel inside than what others expect of you. She’s thought it through many times, occasionally chatting with Vince about it, though never in a serious way. He’s been open to the idea, but it’s never been a big thing between them. Not like having kids.
In the end, Angela has decided it’s all about the fairy tale.

She was smitten with fairy tales as a child, as most children are for a certain period of time. Many grow out of it quickly, when reality starts to assert itself and all those stories of fantastic creatures and places become shadowy aspects of the imagination, instead of real things that can almost be touched. She held onto the dream a little while longer, and it was always the happy endings that set her imagination on fire.

And they all lived happily ever after. It was a magical phrase that she’s tried to carry into adulthood. Something about standing in front of family and friends, confirming their love, exchanging rings, has always made her believe she could accept those words for herself.

They’re walking through Hyde Park at dusk, having just been for a nice meal and a bottle of wine to celebrate their fourth anniversary. At least, she said it was their fourth, as it’s the anniversary of their first real date. Vince protested, and said they should celebrate the day of their first kiss. That had been on their second date, three days later.

“So shall we get married?” he asks.

“Really?” she replies.

“I was hoping for a better response than that.”

They stop, standing close to an enclosed pond where ducks, swans, and geese are settling as the sun smears itself down into the skyline. The air carries the smell of hot honey-roast nuts from a seller across the park, and elsewhere a group of people sing and dance, surprising choral perfection cutting through the more mundane sounds of the city.

“Of course,” she says, delighted and surprised. It’s already been a perfect evening. “I suppose you’ll want sex now.”

“Well, not now. Not with, you know...” He tilts his head to the side. “...the ducks watching.”

They kiss, and when she pulls away something changes. The singing breaks in tone, becoming angry. A duck quacks, water splashes, violence erupts somewhere out of sight. Vince’s smile fades away.

Without any change to his features, he becomes a stranger. She no longer knows him at all. He still holds her close and tight, and as she takes in a breath to scream in his face, he smiles.

“Old One-Eye is watching you,” he says.

Angela closes her own eyes and screams.

About Tim Lebbon (Official Bio)I was born in London in 1969, lived in Devon until I was eight, and the next twenty years were spent in Newport. My wife Tracey and I then did a Good Thing and moved back to the country, and we now live in the little village of Goytre in Monmouthshire with our kids Ellie and Daniel. It’s a lovely place – pub, shop, chip shop, school – and we’re very happy here. Two minutes’ walk in any direction and we’re in the countryside, and the area has featured, intentionally or not, in much of my writing.

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. The first story I recall actually finishing was when I was nine years old. It involved a train hijacking (yeah, a train has about ten thousand doors and is probably the hardest moving vehicle to hijack … but I was nine years old!), and one of the hijackers being clumsy enough to drop his gun. Naturally my hero found the gun and went on a killing spree. Die Hard on the 10:17 from Paddington.

In my teens I began about nine million novels, and finished none of them. They varied from World War Two action adventures to ’70s style disaster novels. Some had spooky elements, some did not, and it wasn’t until I was twenty that I wrote my first horror story, “Black Heart”. I still have it somewhere … and I suspect it will remain hidden away forever!

My first published story was in the UK indie magazine Psychotrope in 1994, and in 1997 Tanjen published my first novel Mesmer. Since then I’ve had over almost thirty books published in the UK and US by Bantam Spectra, Allison & Busby, Night Shade Books, Simon & Schuster, Leisure Books, PS Publishing, Necessary Evil Press, Cemetery Dance and many others, with many more due soon. Check out the Library section for details.

Quite a few of my novellas and novels have been optioned for the screen, including White (written by Stephen Susco), Exorcising Angels, Until She Sleeps, Face, In Perpetuiry, and The Nature of Balance. They’re all ‘in development’ right now, which means anything from ‘We’re trying to find a writer’ to ‘We have major studio interest and it’s only a matter of time’.  There are several others projects about to enter such a stage of development.  One day …

Late in 2006 I took the plunge into full-time writing and it’s going well. There’s plenty of exciting news on the horizon – new book deals, film options and other stuff – and you’ll find details posted at this site as and when they happen. (Bio + Picture shared from official website of Tim Lebbon -

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