Thursday, December 29, 2016

Onyx Webb: The Series Book 3 - Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

Sent to me by the Authors in exchange for an honest review

Publisher: Lust For Living Press

Copyright: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz 2016

ISBN: 978-0990751830

Format: Paperback, 233pp

Genre: Horror/Paranormal Thriller

Rating: 5/5

Summed up in a few words
Episodic. Diverse. Ominous. Eccentric. Gripping.

First Impressions
I have always got time for Onyx Webb, it is such a unique reading experience and I know I am guaranteed an enjoyable and gripping book every time. The sheer amount of content that Richard and Andrea squeeze into these books is outstanding and each story-line deals with drastically different elements, tones and themes. This is my third Onyx Webb review and Book 3 is by far my favourite, it turned my enjoyment of the series into a full blown addiction.

Book Synopsis
Onyx Webb wants a peaceful and content life to share with her husband and after all they have been through Ulrich wants to to settle too. They find a perfect spot, a lighthouse in Crimson Cove, beautiful, peaceful and honest. Recent events begin to catch up with Ulrich and the only way out he can see is to kill Onyx.

Koda Mulvaney is reeling from the death of his best friend and as a result he is thrown head first into the world of Parapsychology and experiences some paranormal events that put him back on the case of 'the girl in the mirror'.

Tommy and Declan have grown up and grown apart. Tommy is in with the Mob and Declan is plotting to make his vast fortune, though they are still drawn together by a few individuals and their poor decisions.

The Onyx Webb series is an incredibly deep and divergent course of events spanning over a century. From paranormal and supernatural experiences to the horror of human behaviour, Onyx Webb grabs you and won't let go.

My Thoughts
Thank you to Andrea for sending me this instalment for review here on Always Trust In Books, it is appreciated! Episodes 7-8-9 are absolutely brilliant, with events are now beginning to come full circle and all the pieces from the last two books are starting to fit together nicely to produce an epic first act to a 9 book series. Book 3 is definitely the most solid of the series, with three main plot lines and fewer deviations from the core content.

Book 3 elaborates more on Koda, Declan/Tommy and Onyx than anything else. Building up Onyx's lore is brilliant and she is already becoming the ghost story of the century. Koda is stepping further into the paranormal world instead of breaking the surface and returning to reality. Koda and Robyn are still devastated by the loss of Dane and the funeral sets Koda on a course to begin looking into 'girl in the mirror' all over again which I am excited to see developed in the next books!

Do I sound like a fan boy...? Well I am. I am completely honest though and I really don't have that many negative comments on the content. I was interested to see new and important themes being included such as race/racism, how society has changed us over the years and heavier paranormal/supernatural content. There were some hard to digest themes and scenarios in this book, I found myself upset and enraged by some of the characters actions (I know it is fiction but I am thoroughly invested!).

Similar to the other two instalments of this series, Book 3 has all the personal touches and flourishes. These elements make this such a reading experience. From journal entries, dedications and notes to quotes and inspirations. 

I recommend Book 3 to all those that enjoy a bold episodic series, with plenty of paranormal/supernatural and ghostly content. The Onyx Webb series is mainly rooted in horror, but it is the spectrum of horror that makes this book shine, from ghosts to real life human monsters and beyond. This series is consistently awesome and I always look forward to reading the next episode and following Onyx Webb rise to platinum ghost status!

Pick up a copy of Onyx Webb The Series: Book 3 here: Amazon UK/Amazon US/Goodreads 

About the Authors: With a #1 Amazon Sales bestseller to their credit Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz have a burning desire to write a paranormal ghost series with a wide range of characters, both dead and alive.

Then, one day in the fall of 2012, while walking around Lake Eola - in the heart of downtown Orlando - the right idea struck. "The minute we came up with Onyx Webb - a ghost that would give anything for one more day of life, watching in torment while the living sleepwalk through their lives like ghosts - we knew we had it," Andrea says.

"The story lines for the major characters were created within a matter of days," Richard says. "But getting a collection of complex characters from mind to page in an easy-to-consume format is another matter."

But proof is in the pudding - or, in this case, the reading.

When Richard and Andrea are not travelling, they can be found in Orlando, Florida - typing as fast as they can - with their cat, Courage, at their feet.

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