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Everything You Need You Have: How to Be at Home in Your Self - Gerad Kite

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Publisher: Harmony Books

Copyright: Gerad Kite, 2016

ISBN: 978-0451498175

Format: Hardback, 208pp

Genre: Non-Fiction/Health

Rating: 3/5

Summed up in a few words
Mind. Body. Pendulum. Unity. Home.

First Impressions
I am constantly looking for books on meditation, mindfulness and maintaining inner-peace as I think it is so important to completely switch off and relax from time to time, especially in the high functioning and overwhelming speed of modern life. Everything You Need You Have takes this concept to a new level, actually installing a 'Home' or place of inner peace inside of you that you can retreat to when life becomes difficult. I liked this idea and Gerad Kite has a considerable career behind him spanning several decades and has all the experience that comes with it. It is an easy going, semi-informal piece on several techniques that Kite has learned and implemented over the years to teach people to learn to love their 'self' and be at peace with the world around them.

Book Synopsis
The secret to feeling at home in yourself isn't therapy, meditation, silencing your phone, throwing out you possessions, or travelling the world. The answer is already inside you.

Gerad Kite was a therapist for years before realising talk and analysis weren't making a lasting difference in the lives of his patients. So he quit his practice and looked for a new way to help people feel better. What he discovered is a different approach to finding a secret, peaceful and permanent place inside yourself that you can access at all times, a path to getting out of your head, to surrender to what is. You'll see that you already have what you need to be happy and well.

Kite draws on the principals of ancient Chinese philosophy and his extensive experience helping people from all walks of life as a relaxation and acupuncture expert. His ten steps will show you how to tune in to your natural rhythms, view your emotions from a different perspective, and finally experience a state of bliss that you can return again and again.

My Thoughts
Gerad Kite has set out to try and answer a few key and relevant questions we ask ourselves, what is a successful life? what is life supposed to be? How often do you relish the joy of now? Kite doesn't have all the answers, but he has been working on a solution to these sorts of questions for his entire working career. Using many different ideas and techniques that are available to us in modern life, Kite has created a 10 step program to finding your way to inner-calm or 'Home' as he refers to it over the course of the book.

Incorporating Chinese philosophy, spiritual teachings, psychotherapy, the law of the five elements and a pendulum technique to set emotional boundaries to guide you back to a calm state, Kite wants to lead the reader 'home'. Creating a place of security and stability will help us deal with the ups and downs of life with a clearer head and a calmer heart. Gerad Kite sets out 10 steps to creating a map to 'Home' and these steps guide us and help us navigate the treacherous terrains of our minds, bodies and outside influences. Kite shows us how to be aware of our true 'self', how to turn off auto-pilot, enjoy relationships and forget about organising our lives into various successes and failures.

Gerad Kite's writing style is brief, semi-informal and well formatted. The text is broken up into 3 acts, Mind, Body and Home, and each act deals several of the 10 steps. Drawing from personal experience, career experience in the fields of psychology and acupuncture and various case studies, Kite paints a clear picture of how we need to let get of certain practices and brace smaller elements of our life. I thought Kite was informative, emotionally invested and he genuinely wants people to adapt their outlook on life and live easier lives. 

I have given this book 3/5 stars as though I personally enjoyed it, I do not think this will suit everyone's tastes. Those who enjoy mindfulness and meditation may appreciate where Kite is coming from but he is really trying to bypass all the other practices and get people to focus on their 'self' and obtain a sense of inner-calm. The writing evolves throughout the duration of the book, going from professional and objective and changes as the steps progress. 

As we get closer to 'home', Kite seems to change his writing to meet the tone of the subject matter, becoming calmer and more informal. I appreciated Kite including the law of the five elements and some information on Taoism which allowed me to learn some new perspectives when it came to calmness and tuning in to the present. Overall I would recommend this book to those who face constant existential problems daily and want to figure out a way of getting out of their heads. Finding a calm place in yourself may give you the rest you need to figure out where you are and how you could progress day to day to achieve what is important to you.

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About the Author: Gerad Kite is an Acupuncture Master (AcM) with more than twenty-five years of clinical experience. He is a recognised leader in the field of infertility and an internationally respected practitioner and teacher of Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture. In 1993 he started the first-ever NHS acupuncture service at Kings College Hospital in the UK while building his private practice in central London. In 2006 he opened the Kite Clinic, where he led a large team of practitioners performing over 10,000 treatments a year, and in 2007 he founded the London Institute of Five-Element Acupuncture (LIFEA), where he personally trained his current team of practitioners. He's worked with celebrities, including John Cleese, Kate Winslet and James Corden

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