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Onyx Webb: Book One - Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

Book Details

Book Title: Onyx Webb: Book One

Author: Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

: Courage Crafters Inc.

Source: Sent to me by the authors in exchange for an honest review

Page Count: 218

Format: Paperback

Genre: Horror/Supernatural

ISBN/Link To Book On Amazon: 978-0990751816

Audience: Those who enjoy short episodic based fiction with horror and supernatural themes.

Summed up in one word: Audacious

Author Bio: Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz are both #1 Amazon Bestsellers and both have a passion for writing paranormal ghost stories. They are focusing on their amazing Onyx Webb series which will eventually be a 9 book/27 episode series.

First Impression: I am rather cautious when it comes to book series as I am easily sucked in and then I spend weeks and weeks having to read all the other instalments as I get rather addicted... This book was no different. The Onyx Webb series is a hooking episodic monument to paranormal/horror fiction. I have to write this review, then go an order the rest of these books as I need to know what happens next!

Summary of the Story: 
The first book in this huge paranormal/horror series begins with a 6 year old Onyx Webb. In 1904 at the World Fair in Missouri USA, Onyx Webb is taken by a serial murderer Obedience Everhardt as a replacement for a daughter she lost years before. Onyx's father Catfish won't rest until she is safely back in his care as she is everything he has left.

Quinn's parents are useless, one is a drunk and the other deserted him and his sister Juniper. Juniper is a piano prodigy, playing from very young age and gaining celebrity status in her teens. Their father took his daughter's earnings and fled to another state. Quinn is very protective of Juniper and letting her out of his sight for just one night has serious consequences.

Koda Mulvaney is a handsome, smart and desirable 23 year old billionaire. Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him. Burning through cash without a care in the world, his father soon steps in and puts a stop to his antics. On a path to destruction, Koda receives a shock to his very core when he sees a ghost of a woman. His obsession with seeing the ghost again overwhelms him. 

Onyx Webb The Series: Book One spans over a century, with events from each storyline rippling through to the others. Onyx Webb is a rare breed and she has many stories to tell.


Plot: Book 1 is only 1/9 of this extensively elaborate story, so there is much more to come. Within this book alone there is horror, wonder, fear, spirituality, anger, resentment and regret. I really appreciate the structure of this book, multiple bite sized plot lines, thinly connected by a paranormal/spiritual underlining. The brief chunks of each character's story really help to keep the book fresh and also keep it interesting. What I loved about this story is the fact that it is open-ended. I finished this book wanting a lot more. The authors left these story lines on cliffhangers and I need to know what happens to these characters next.

Writing Style: As I said before, the authors have chosen to have many brief encounters with each character instead of longer chapters. This works magnificently to keep the plot lines flowing and also it allows the reader to focus on the key events occurring in each characters story. I also revel in the fact that the authors changed up not only the format (there is also journal entries and outer body experiences) but they also included songs and poetry which added another dimension to the atmosphere of the book. The authors have chosen to take a darker approach with this story, with haunting, suffocating and unpleasant flavours for the most part, though there are elements of wonder and humour included when necessary to brighten up the story. 

Setting: The fact that this book is set across america, only really adds continuity, consistency and allows the authors to include several historical events and ideas in the story. There is nothing really remarkable about the setting as this is a character driven story.

Characters: Each character has their own bold, significant and note worthy story. Onyx Webb is really the main event in this book, her story is a kind of ground zero for all the other events that occur in the later years of this book. Onyx Webb takes a large quantity of these pages, though not a single word is wasted. Her story is emotional, dark and filled with paranormal wonder. (Spoiler! Being half-ghost will do that to you ;). The other characters and events in the story have their own feel, but they do contain similarities and consistencies with Onyx Webb's own adventure. I can happily say that I don't have any one favourite story, they are all so good.

Themes: Trust, Faith, Parental Concern, The Paranormal, Ghosts, Wonder, Horror and Manipulation. Themes mean different things to different people, so all I can say is that there will always be something for everyone. The most important theme here is disillusionment and dreams, each character is plagued with dreams and confusing thoughts and feelings.

Likes: Structure, Characters, Potential, Paranormal Foundation.

Dislikes: That I don't have the other books now. 

Cover Art: 7/10 great idea but the execution is a little off.

Rating: Overall I thought this book was a success and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the other instalments in this series. There is many things on offer here, great plots, exciting characters and other important qualities like a decent atmosphere made of fear, wonder, ghosts and horror... with a tiny dash of humour in parts.


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