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The Fell Hound Of Adversity - Parker T. Geissel

Book Details

Book Title: The Fell Hound Of Adversity

Author: Parker T. Geissel

: Parker T. Geissel Publications 2016

Source: Sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review (the picture is NOT mine, it is from Goodreads)

Page Count: 440

Format: E-Book

Genre: Mystery

Audience: Those who enjoy a diverse book with plenty of plot lines.

Laugh or Cry: Laugh :)

Buy? Read? Avoid?: Buy if you can, definitely read this by any means!

Summed up in one word: Diverse

First Impression: I know it is uncool to gush over authors you are meant to be reviewing.....but this book was awesome. It had the characters, the setting and the game of thrones type multi-plot line madness that made sure everyone came across everyone else and that made for some great story moments. This author has so much potential and I hope that he will go bigger and better from here on out. I read this on E-Book but may have to get my hands on a physical copy when I get the chance.

Summary Of The Book:

Welcome to Charmed City...or Adversity depending on your social and financial status. This city is run by the politicians, the criminal families and the Princess Of Darkness. These people get away with corruption and murder everyday and the Capital have had enough.

Enter. Colonel Dashenka Ivanovna Stravrogin. The Colonel has come to Charmed City to complete an audit on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service. Along with her two bodyguards and the resources of the Capital, the Colonel must collect unpaid taxes, find those cheating the system and bring the corrupt citizens to their knees.

Rudimental Quince had it all, alongside his best friend Blazing Buck Cortez, he was a highly regarded sous chief of the city's top restaurant. After a nasty fight with Buck, his life took a turn and he ended up in a sandwich shop with little to his name.... Until Rudi and his brother's name flagged up the I.R.S database as suspicious and the Colonel comes to his door.

What follows can only be described as complete mayhem. Bomb plots, assassinations, riots, out right murder and the stirring of a beast so evil that the citizens refuse to even speak his name. The Fell Hound of Adversity lurks in the mist and shadows, taking its prey and stalking those who enter its territory. No one is safe, but fear not, Rudi and his brother are about the change the whole game.

My Review:

This is a well written and mapped out piece of fiction. Just by getting all the many characters and plot lines to work well together and bind it into an exciting and energetic story deserves high marks. The characters stand well on their own but the overall plot quality is what makes this book shine instead of being half decent. On the face of it this is a mystery piece, though that is just one aspect of a very diverse story with humour, graphic violence, thrills and food added to make it extra special.

Characters! So many characters :) Each one as fleshed out and evil and/or good as the next. Main man Rudimental Egbert Quince is determined, hilarious and unreliable at times. His brother Lenient is the comic relief, a street wise pain in the arse. The Colonel and her body guards are the class, the finesse and the strict characters. The Princess Of Darkness adds the more sinister tones, with her presence being tense and unpredictable. Also we have the politicians....corrupt, backstabbing and relentless. And finally there is The Fell Hound of Adversity...a creature of the shadows, brutal, fear inducing and unseen in the shadows. There are many other characters but they are yours to find and enjoy when you leave this review and go and read this book.

The setting here is Charmed City or Adversity. A city split in half and ruled by crime and politics. It is a gritty place where people just get by as the money is funnelled from the community to the politicians pockets. Once a prosperous city, it is a shell of its former self and the perfect playground for all these players to fight over the scraps. There are many themes layered in this book, from alcoholism, poverty and crime to food, friendship and revolution. A well balanced book that will keep you on your toes and laughing a lot too. The Fell Hound of Adversity over shadows this book, lurking in the shadows...the citizens afraid to speak its name for fear of it hearing them and visiting them at it real or just an urban legend?

There are a few odds and ends that I did not fully enjoy or understand with this book. Some events or characters are not fully explained when needed and I did not get the ending that that I wanted...the ending was fine, but with a book with so much character...I thought it would be a grander finale than it was. I am hoping that we have more adventures in Charmed City or at least a new piece with some of these awesome characters. Parker T. Geissel is a master of tension, building it and elevating it whenever it suits him, along with his strong story framework I am excited to see what he comes up with next.

Overall it was an engaging work of fiction that had me going round in circles both laughing and trying to keep up with the intricate goings on of the large cast of characters. The Fell Hound Of Adversity is a perfect blend of genres and a great addition to your library 


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