Thursday, June 09, 2016

Nothing Is Strange - Mike Russell

Book Details

Book Title: Nothing Is Strange

Author: Mike Russell

: Strange Books 2016

Source: Sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Page Count: 146

Format: Paperback

Genre: Short Stories (wide range of themes)

ISBN: 978-1502901088 

Audience: Short story lovers and those who love the strange

Summed up in one word: Expanding

First impression: I really like the cover art on this piece, it is very eye catching and creates enough intrigue for readers like me to want to drive straight it. What we have here is a book of short stories a little on the strange side (I know the title suggests otherwise but that is somewhat of a misnomer) with some deep and meaningful themes running through them.

Summary of the Book:

Inside this little tome is a big and bold selection of short stories. As the reader you will visit many abstract places where people are dealing with real life problems, emotions and triumphs. We meet a gentleman who lives on the sun. A couple in search of their true love. A man from the red house who meets a girl from the blue house. A man who happens upon triplets. An extraordinary audience who meet and extraordinary lady. And many more. This is a bite sized book guaranteed to make you consider grief, love, wonder, existential being and death. Refreshingly different and easy to digest.

My Review: 

There is not a massive amount of book here to review, but what we get inside Nothing Is Strange is insightful, impactful and meaningful.

There are 20 short stories available to the reader inside. They are to be considered very short as they only range between 4 and 11 pages. This provides testament to the impact as MR is able to make a sizeable impression in so few words. Not every reader will understand or appreciated all 20 stories. I believe that is the point as MR has covered so many themes within that everyone can relate to a portion of his writing, 

I made plenty of notes using words like surreal, obscure and eccentric. NIS is all those things but I did not come out the other side baffled, I just wanted to read some more of MR's stories. My main criticism would be the length of the short stories is some times frustrating when you just get invested or it becomes clear what is going on behind the scenes before it cuts off and you have to start all over again. This leaves some of the stories unsatisfying. My favourite part was that it challenged me, made me consider meanings and ideas outside of my usual comfort zone and that is something I beg for in a book.

Overall I recommend this to all, check it out, get your mind blown a little and then head back to the comfort of your favourite genre :)


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