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The Four Dimensional Human - Lawrence Scott

Book Details

Book Title: The Four-Dimensional Human

Author: Lawrence Scott

: Random House UK, Cornerstone, Windmill Books 2016

Source: Sent to me through Net Galley

Page Count: 272

Format: E-Book (Image from Goodreads, I do not own it)

Genre: Non-Fiction 

Audience: Internet Lovers, Internet Haters

Summed up in one word: Digitisation 

 Summary Of The Book:

Thank You to the publisher and Net Galley for the opportunity to review this book.

This is predominantly a philosophical and existential book of musings of our entry into and existence in the digital world. Lawrence discusses how things have changed due to digitisation and the dynamics of social media and how we have evolved to use it for better or worse (*cough* over-sharing...). Lawrence takes us on a journey through modern day digital workings, evaluating where the line now blurs between where our physical presence ends and online/digital begins.

Lawrence answers questions like, how have phone calls changed? Do we catch up with friends any more, or do we just confirm what we already have learn't from social media profiles? Will the internet be able to unite race, gender and sexual orientation? Is this shared consciousness or hive mind we have created help or hinder us? Is originality going out the window? any many more.

The Four-Dimensional Human talks us through how death and mourning has changed due to family being able to carry on the memory of their loved one through social media, and also people's pain and suffering being so available to everyone they know. LS explains that how we treat people has changed due to social media, how we may forget people quicker if they don't share, like our content or interact. Digitisation can affect your home life, work life and social life in so many different ways and LS takes us through those eventualities and shows us what can happen. 

There are some sad truths here, but with negativity comes positivity and there is plenty of positive thoughts and opinions that weave themselves through this thought inducing and life changing material. Are we more united due to the internet? Is having a clearer picture about the companies we buy from good for the soul? We can see more of the world than ever before and with exploring comes perspective, and there is plenty of perspective here!

My Review:

When I finished this book it left a confusing taste in my brain. But having reflected over the meaning of the book and what it actually represents I believe that The Four Dimensional Human is definitely worth a read.

The format of this book is very informal, introduction, 7 chapters and an epilogue. The writing style is quite informal too, it comes across to me as if the author was just talking to himself about this subject and we were just there for the ride, it is a bumpy ride but overall it has a lot of impact.

The content of the book is important, informative and thought inducing. Lawrence walks a fine line between positivity and negativity but I believe negativity won the war. LS is not actively negative but upon finishing I was left with the impression that maybe the internet is not a force for good. Lawrence covers plenty of happy and inspiring aspects of the internet but there is a lot of room for evil online, 

I really enjoyed all the metaphors, similes and analogies in this book, also Lawrence uses lots of classic and modern literature references to bring his point home and that really helped the flow. LS flow in TFDH is choppy at times but its bearable. The information and opinions in this book are sometimes overwhelming but there is something for everyone, I found one of my all time favourite quotes from a book nestled in chapter 4 of this tome.

"The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - which you had thought special and particular to you. And now, here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours."

Alan Bennett - 'The History Boys'

Lawrence Scott did an impressive job here and I would recommend this to anyone as I feel it covers enough important, relevant issues and aspects of the digital world which people should be taking into consideration. I look forward to reading more of Lawrence Scott's work.


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