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Breaking Point - C T Mitchell

Book Details

Book Title:  Breaking Point

Author: C. T. Mitchell

: Wood Duck Media 2016 

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Page Count: 168

Format: E-Book

Genre: Crime

Audience: Crime lovers, those who like more depth to their police procedure in a crime novel.

Summed up in one word: Reliable 

First Impression: This being my first E-Book review I was a bit sceptical about the Kindle as I really enjoy an actual book, but I ended up happy on both accounts as I enjoyed reading on the Kindle and this was the perfect book to introduce me to the style of reading.

Summary Of The Book:

This is a detective novel, the detective in question is Jack Creed. A seasoned cop who heads up the Murder Squad in New South Wales, Australia. Creed has his hands full with an investigation into a possible serial murder case, there are a few similarities to each case but the most recent murder sends the team on a wider search for the killer.

Enter Boston-Wright, she is trying to make a name for herself and avoid letting down her father's awesome reputation. Boston-Wright doesn't know much about murder, but a few days with Creed and she is an expert. This duo along with the help of their team set out on the trail of a killer who has evaded all police efforts so far, but with bodies piling up the picture becomes clearer.

Come and enjoy this dedicated crime thriller, there are twists and turns, gore and mainly a well written plot that takes you around parts of Australia and builds enough suspense and interest to take you all the way to its conclusion.

My Review:

Breaking Point was new ground for me. An E-Book is not traditionally my preferred format but I ventured into new territory alongside this mini-novel. Breaking Point isn't a game changer, it is a solid but very familiar effort. The plot was well devised, much like an episode of criminal minds or something of that calibre. The characters were stereotypical but I found that along the storyline they followed and their interactions together kept it interesting enough for me to get invested in their presence here.

Creed is a typical hard cop who is fed up of the pain and suffering of the innocent whilst the guilty run free. Creed is split nicely between giving a crap about his team and giving his team plenty of crap. Boston-Wright's role hasn't been done a thousand times like Creed's but it is still familiar, but I feel the time spent with her was one of the more positive aspects of this book. The time we spend inside her head looking at the team and the crime from a fresh perspective adds plenty to the book. Though I really didn't want to know what she was having for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I thought this was rather random and that the author may have wanted to write a cook-book on the side. It did make me hungry quite a bit...

Overall there isn't much new here, I enjoyed the setting of Australia, the team has decent chemistry and the plot was solid enough with a standard but satisfying ending. I will be checking out other Creed material when I get a chance.


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