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A Matter Of Blood - Sarah Pinborough

Book Details

Book Title: A Matter Of Blood

Author: Sarah Pinborough

Publisher: Gollancz 2011

Source: The library, they are good to me :D

ISBN: 0575089474

Part: One of Three

Page Count: 421

Format: Fiction :D

Genre: Many shades of Horror 

Audience: Adults, violence and profanity

Summed up in one word: Addicitve!

Summary of the Book:

Detective Inspector Cass Jones a cop with a difficult past is on a serial murder case, women are showing up dead with the same MO, same death, same message and same fly eggs left on the corpse...
Cass is also dealing with a double homicide involving two young boys shot down in an attempted assassination. On top of his already full plate, Cass's younger brother Christian wakes up one night and then murders his family and himself. 

DI Cass Jones is implicated in his brothers murder due to evidence left at the scene, Cass is dirty but he is not evil, he needs to get to the bottom of Christian's murder and his set-up and fast as he is being chased for their deaths and being haunted by his brothers corpse.

What follows is an unravelling of 3 unconnected cases that all involve the same several in-the dark entities. A mysterious company called 'The Bank' who have seemed to take over London and the world slowly from behind the scenes. A well dressed man called Mr Bright who can't be found in any database and 'The Man of Flies' the serial murderer going round the city killing innocent people and leaving clues to his identity.

My Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is one of those great pieces that works amazingly as a single story but also has enough potential to be a series (which it is). I thought Cass Jones was well thought out, well fleshed out and he will appeal to many different readers in different ways. Cass is a dirty cop but then again all the cops are dirty, this story is set in a different sort of London, one where there is no public healthcare and the police are paid by convictions so they cut corners to make ends meet. Cass cares about the right things, he does not cross certain lines and he takes down anyone who will. He occupies 90% of this story, and SP does a great job keeping his story interesting and developing him over the course of several emotion episodes.

The other characters in this book are also well written if not a little cliched but it works and you don't feel yourself rolling your eyes at another posh bad guy, another bad cop who takes things to far or wife who is unhappy and takes matters into her own hands. All the characters had their places, all connected well and I really enjoyed the character interactions. Christian's ghost brings a nice pace breaker to the story, his small but intense appearances bring the story to a halt and add horror to this book. The other horror element is the 'Man of Flies' and his murders, but they are far and few between. 

The real horror is this story is behind the choices that members of this cast of characters make and they pull some very emotional punches. Few books get me out of my chair, pacing the room saying 'WHAT THE HELL' over and over. My emotions were challenged and my heart was broken, not what you really look for in a horror, but maybe that element is fleshed out in the later books. 

SP includes several important themes in this material, there is corruption, marital problems, crime, murder, politics and religion. I think they mesh well, not over powering each other and each one takes the narrative to the next level.

I am struggling to find many things wrong with this piece but then again Sarah Pinborough is a seasoned writer and it definitely shows with her work here. I was a little annoyed that this comes across as a horror but there is very little actual horror in A Matter of Blood, has the story not captured me completely then this would have been not very good. I don't believe that the absolutely horrendous parts of this book are too much, maybe the part with the kittens was overkill but thats my opinion.

A Matter of Blood will have you out of your chair yelling, questioning and going back for more. Cass Jones is a great main character, he leads you through this harsh world bringing justice and redemption one person at a time.

Please try this book out, its a trilogy so I have now got to go and get the other two and review them here for you, but that may take time so it's best you go without me :D


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