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The Posthumous Man - Jake Hinkson

Book Details

Book Title: The Posthumous Man

Author: Jake Hinkson

Publisher: Beat to a Pulp Dec 2013

Source: The local library, thankyou!!

Page Count: 177

Format: Fiction

Genre: Thriller

Audience: Adults (sexual and violent content)

Summary of the Book :

This book is a novella which isn't usually my area as I enjoy a densely written story I can get completely lost in, where this book is more of a shot of caffeine, fast paced and wears off too soon. This story is set in the first person which helps maintain the depth to the main character's plot line.

The story follows Elliott Stilling who decides to commit suicide and is saved after only 3 minutes of being dead. Elliott is saved by a nurse by the name of Felicia Logan, who he forms a bond with during his return to life. When he escapes the hospital he bumps into Felicia again and manages to get embroiled in a high stakes heist. This is a fast paced story where you meet many bad people doing lots of bad things, The reader also learns more about Elliott and his past and there is a lot to learn.

As this is a short-ish story line we only really get to know Elliott during the events in this book. He is a deep character who battles many troubles and is looking for some existential answers. The other character that makes an impact in this story is Stan-the-Man, a gangster who is a double sided coin of trouble. This book did make me shed a few tears as it is emotional in places and being a parent has made me a bit more emotional these days :P.

The plot structure is great as it never loses momentum and the reader can meet new people in the story without it slowing it's pace, the characters are written for impact and it definitely works. This novella is quite unique to me, there are parts of the story I have seen time and again, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows the other parts to shine.

The Posthumous Man really does deliver a trilling story, there are two main themes in the story. The first is crime, fairly standard but effective in carrying the story through to its natural but non-stereotypical ending. The other is religion and it plays a major part in providing the reasons behind why the characters make their choices throughout the story.

I was unhappy with the ending, but I am biased as I am a father and there are elements in this book that I disagree with but that is personal, that said I can see that accidents like the one in this book do happen. Jake Hinkson is talented author who deserves praise for this exciting piece of fiction, his writing style is easily accessible and impactful which is sometimes difficult to pull off.

The Posthumous Man is fast, emotional and definitely makes you stop and think about why events in life happen the way they do. People who need more depth to the characters and the world they occupy then you will need to look elsewhere, check out China Mieville and thank me later ;)


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