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Neurocomic - Dr. Matteo Farinella & Dr. Hana Ros

Book Details

Book Title: Neurocomic

Author: Dr. Matteo Farinella & Dr. Hana Ros

Publisher: Nobrow Ltd Sept 2013

Source: The local library, they are good to me :D

Page Count: No more than 100, mostly comic pages though :)

Format: Non-Fiction

Genre: Neuroscience

Spoilers In Review: YES!

Summary of the book:

This article is more of a recommendation then a review, Neurocomic for myself was a new and refreshing way to broaden my knowledge of the mind.

Neurocomic is a journey through Neuroland and focuses on a man who is lost there. On his way through the brain this man meets many scientists who are vital figures in the study of neuroscience. Among the crowd is:

Santiago Ramon y Cajal
Camillo Golgi
Bernard Katz
Luigi Galvani

To name a few...

On his way through the gentleman experiences the structure of the brain and the various abilities and effects that the brain can experience or wield. He takes a trip through a neuron, meets common neurotransmitters and gets to the see how electricity is used to transmit signals in the brain. He also sees a lot more but I don't want to reveal all :D.

This is not an in-depth book on neuroscience, just a basic overview in the style of a comic. The stand-out part of this book is in the illustrations! Such detailed and inventive depictions of the brain and its various elements. Reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland and the bizarre imagery that comes with the story.

If you know plenty about the brain then maybe pick this book up as a way to reinforce your memory recall through vivid imagery.
If you know nothing about the brain and the basic science behind how our brains function and work with our bodies then definitely read this book, it will give you a good foundation on which to build your knowledge of the brain from the ground up.

I need to buy this book to have nearby if I want to drag myself away from the written word for a while and immerse myself in something different, animated and informative. You will be lost in here for a while, its a nice change of pace, especially if your like me and get lost in heavy science fiction or non-fiction titles all day.

A great, unique take on neuroscience, you will come away from this reading experience knowing something new or at least seeing what you already know in a different light.


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