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Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits - David Wong

Book Details

Book Title: Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits
Author: David Wong
Publisher: Titan Books Oct 2015
Source: Home Collection
Page Count: 490
Format: Fiction
Genre: Science Fiction
Spoilers In Review: YES!
First Impression of the Book: I have read the John Dies at the End and This Book is Full of Spiders... duo and I really enjoyed them, this is a new series (hopefully!) and I was excited to read it and I was not disappointed :D FV+FS is a refreshingly clear cut and well written piece of SF with some really great characters and DW creates an interesting futuristic world which may be a decent depiction of things to come....:D

Summary of the Book (Spoilers :D:D):

Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits follows Zoey Ashe, a woman in her early 20's who lives in a trailer with her mother and Zoey has no contact with her gangster father...until now...

Zoey is targeted by a nasty serial killer one day and is saved by a stranger called Will who informs her that her father Arthur Livingstone has died and that she is needed in Tabula Ra$a to settle his affairs. Will makes it clear that Arthur had enemies who may mean Zoey harm and that she is safest by his side. Zoey avoids trusting will entirely and decides to head to him on her own terms.

The majority of the story is set in Tabula Ra$a to which Zoey Ashe is led to by Will with the offer of money. When she is confronted by people on the train to the city and at the station when she arrives it becomes clear that she being hunted as a key to Arthur Livingston's fortune and once again Will swoopes in to save Zoey from nasty characters who mean her harm.

Will and his crew are not as nice as they originally appear and they too only need Zoey Ashe to unlock Arthur's vault so they can take charge of his empire and the fortune attached to it. Arthur Livingstone is no fool though and makes it impossible to force Zoey to open the vault unless she is alive, healthy and willing to open it.

Once the vault is opened and its apparent Will and his crew are not going to gain the advantage Zoey takes charge herself and fires everyone other than Carlton the butler (a great character!) and leaves herself and her fortune open to attack. It doesn't take long for someone to try  take what is Zoey's and a near assassination attempt introduces Armando, a body guard for hire who happens to be my favourite character, Armando is a badass on so many levels and his demise (sorry :/) is the greatest injustice this book has to offer!

Other than bandits trying to get at her for her money, Zoey has another opponent. Molech and his band of bandits are looking for 'GOLD' a program that will make their enhanced limbs work properly (the existing technology is prone to malfunctions). Although Molech is really just a thug/douche/jock his character has potential if a movie is ever released and Jack O'Connell would be great for this :).

I won't go any further into the story as it needs to be read to be enjoyed properly. The main themes in this book are Zoey dealing with her inheritance (which is jealousy inducing..) and how the human population may evolve in the future, both as humans and as a society. Will the world ever be like this...I doubt it but there may be cities like Tabula Ra$a that pop up here and there and do things differently. The back and forth between Zoey and Molech is nail biting and very enjoyable and DW was right to focus most of his energy on this aspect of the story.

If you enjoyed David Wong's first two novels you will enjoy this very much. If you haven't read any of his work then this is a great place to start, JDATE and TBIFOS..DS are more complex and have more of a cult appreciation where as FV&FS is a stand alone, easy to appreciate novel written by a great science fiction novelist!


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