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Country Of The Blind - Christopher Brookmyre

Book Details

Book Title: Country Of The Blind

Author: Christopher Brookmyre

Publisher: Abacus 1998

Source: The local library, they ordered it for me, THANKYOU!

Page Count: 380

Format: Fiction

Genre: Scottish Crime Thriller :D

Spoilers In Review: YES!

First Impression of the Book: I really enjoyed the first book in this series Quite Ugly One Morning and this was a great addition to this series! Christopher Brookmyre is amazing at creating almost incomprehensible plots and playing them out between a cast of varied and interesting characters. I also love that he writes his dialogue in a Scottish accent when required and that adds a new dimension to the book overall.

Summary Of The Book (Spoilers :D!!!):

The story begins with a murder, a VIP and his wife are killed along with their bodyguards at Craigurquhart House  and they have four suspects that were found on the scene covered in the victims blood. The suspects they found were known thieves who it seemed went out of their way to kill the couple and their staff so it is deemed they are part of a greater terrorism plot.

Enter Nicole Carrow, a lawyer who wakes up one morning to find her new client who she met just last week is one of the accused in this high profile case that has bought the MI5 to their door. Nicole's client Thomas McInnes came to her prior to this murder with an envelope that she was asked to keep in her possession and only to reveal its contents if he doesn't return to collect it.

Nicole opens the envelope when she finds out here client is in trouble and uses the information to try and remove the terrorism charges that her client is facing so she can talk to him and find out what actually happened. Meanwhile the chief security advisor for Craigurquhart House commits suicide whilst he at the police station after being asking to come in for questioning. Before he dies he is caught by journalists at the front door to the station where he makes a nervous and mystic speech that is meant to send a message to one person. 

That person is Jack Parlabane.

Jack is an investigative journalist who is the main character of this series of books. Jack is getting married to his fiancée Sarah who we met in the first book, they went through an ordeal and as a result Sarah has asked Jack to hang up his tool belt and keep on the straight and narrow. Though Jack is happy to oblige, when he finds out that his nemesis has been killed and his long time friend has committed 'Suicide' he has to get involved and find out who is pulling the strings behind this elaborate scheme.

The story is split between several story arcs that all follow important characters and unravel various parts of the bigger picture which involve government politicians, MI5 agents and pornography. Other than Jack and Nicole, the other main event follows the four 'terrorists' who are being set up to take the fall for the original murder. They are kept from their lawyers and when they are moved between prisons they are mysterious busted out of their jail bus and are set free in the Scottish wilderness. They are followed closely by unseen forces and when one of them is killed they are forced to strike back against their attackers.

CB is an artist when it comes to character creation, I really enjoyed all the characters in this story. Jack Parlabane is persistent, infuriating and a true master of his profession. Sarah is the voice of reason and a great counter balance to Jack. Tam, Paul and Spammy are the real highlight of this story, properly fleshed out, funny, meaningful and their characters and struggles are very rooted in realistic happenings in that era of time.

Christopher Brookmyre always writes complex and well structured stories and the fact that he sets a lot of his books in Scotland adds an extra layer to the story that gives the reader insight into a different country and their culture, how they speak, how they treat others and treat their own.

Go and check out this series of books (there are six of them!). If your looking for action and high stakes stories then also check out CB's Jasmine Sharp trilogy, a fantastic and addictive series about a female private eye investigating the death of her only family member left.


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